The Standard hotels are our primary hotel choices in this location, though availability is not guaranteed. If a given hotel is not available for your tour date, we will reserve you a room at a hotel of similar appeal and quality in the same area.

Standard Accommodations

Hotel Casa Naranja

A pleasant and natural environment housed in a distinctive colonial Nicaraguan home, guests will enjoy the attention to detail and hospitality of the Hotel Casa Naranja. Located in the heart of modern Managua, it is the perfect beginning or ending to a Nicaraguan adventure.

Hotel Casa Naranja

Hotel Los Robles

Hotel Los Robles is a small intimate hotel featuring attention to detail and handcrafted touches. Each of the 14 rooms offer furniture from tropical woods, hand-crocheted bedspreads, and forged ironworks throughout. Experience the hospitality of Nicaragua at its finest.

Welcome to Hotel Los Robles

Montibelli Lodge

Located in picturesque Montibelli Nature Reserve, Montibelli Lodge offers comfortable accommodations for nature lovers. The reserve is a tropical dry forest that provides shelter to an array of animal species and is especially know for its vast bird population. Staying onsite in one of the lodge's ten cabins allows visitors to take full advantage of the unique ecosystem and peaceful ambiance of the Montibelli Nature Reserve.

A cozy, rustic cabin on the nature reserve