Patagonia Travel Articles

Janet Gordon
Words aren't enough...Torres del Paine
Daniel Kramer
Approaching Mirador las Torres with the towers coming in to view
Renee Noffke
Hiking on the glacier
Jenny Fiebig
Salto Grande Falls in Torres del Paine
Margie Gendler
Margie riding at Estancia Christina
Sullivan Peraino
Torres del Paine, Chile
Jenny Fiebig
The power of wind, Tierra del Fuego
Stan Gelber
Trekking up the Perito Moreno Glacier
Stan Gelber
Emperor penguins on the grass
Renee Noffke
How did those formations come to be?!?
Kenneth Nelson
Tres Amigos on Perito Moreno Glaciar
Julia Kocubinski
Salto Grande Waterfall in Torres del Paine
Best Routes to Torres del Paine
Whether you’re coming from Argentina or Chile, here’s a little direction on what routes we’ll take, and what to expect from your drive to those legendary spines.
Bioregions of Patagonia
Discover the three main bioregions that make up Patagonia: The Southern Coast, Mountain Grasslands and Southern Beech Forests. Learn about the damages occurring in Patagonia from land use and plans for restoration.
El Chalten
The frontier town of El Chalten becomes an international hub in the summer, as peak baggers from all corners of the world descend on this picturesque town.
European Settlement in Tierra del Fuego
In 1520 a European vessel exploring foreign waters came across what is today known as Tierra del Fuego. Look at the historical visits to Patagonia and various influences of European settlement.
Holiday Travel Tips for Your Adventure Trips!
Planning for great holiday travel is about being smart and traveling well — work out all the kinks in advance, keep a cool head, and you’ll set yourself up for smooth-sailing.
How You Can Help Patagonia Land Trust
Discover how you can help preserve the wild coastline of the southern Atlantic, the grasslands that border the Andes and the southern beech forests of Patagonia.
Lago Argentino
Argentinian Lake is the source of the Santa Cruz River in Argentina and the third largest lake in South America. Discover more interesting facts about the lake before your trip.
A history and description of Patagonia, one of the most remote and strikingly beautiful destinations in the world.
Patagonia Estancias and Mountain Lodges
Experience a variety of Patagonia tour options from the comfort of a working estancia ranch or mountain lodge retreat. Guided outdoor excursions include hiking, kayaking, fly-fishing and village visits, among a variety of other hosted activities.
Patagonia Land Trust
Learn about the Trust and their mission to acquire, restore and preserve the fragile forests, grasslands and coast of South America\'s Patagonia.
Patagonia Land Trust Current Projects
Learn more about the Patagonia Land Trust current preservation projects along the coast, grasslands, mountains, and forests: where and how they are working towards conservation in Argentina and Chile.
Patagonia- The Last Refuge of Nature
Take a look at the distinct regions of Patagonia and their importance before your tour. Learn more about the history and makeup of the region.
Perito Moreno Glacier
Among the 356 glaciers within the Parque Nacional de Los Glaciares, the Perito Moreno is the most outstanding one. Read more about this awesome glacier from descriptions of a trip to Patagonia.
Sea Kayaking
Sea kayaking is an excellent way to experience the quiet majesty of Patagonia - read why.
Ski Resorts in Chile & Argentina
A brief summary and overview of the various ski areas in Chile and Argentina. Compare by powder conditions, elevations, chairlifts and ski-able acres to find the perfect Ski resort for your Argentina or Chile ski vacation.
Solving the Mysteries of Tipping
Questions regarding tipping adequate are some of the most common concerns travelers have when visiting a foreign country. And unfortunately, there is not a straight-forward, yes or no, answer to the tipping question. But we can offer some suggestions.
South American Packing Essentials
Packing advice, including a list of recommended essentials for trips to South America
The Argentinian Estancias
Take a look at the Argentinian \"estancia\" history and daily life. Learn more about local customs and what to expect before your trip.
The Breaking of the Perito Moreno Glacier
The Perito Moreno Glacier forms an ice dike that blocks the flow of the water from Brazo Rico toward Argentinian Lake. Changes occur in the glacier to create a phenomena where the two lake basin connect for a day or two.
The Tomasovic Argentina Adventure
Read through Barbara Tomasovic\'s trip to Argentina that was on of those \"adventures of a lifetime.\" She describes experiencing the wildlife, trekking up and down glaciers, and traveling with her wonderful trip companions.
Threats to Biodiversity Are Mounting
This article explains some of the current and ongoing threats to the bio-regions in Patagonia: logging, clearcuts, oil drilling, oil fouling, and commercial fishing.
Tierra del Fuego
For the wildlife enthusiast the Tierra del Fuego is a great place to spot many different species of animals. Shared by both Chile and Argentina, Tierra del Fuego is a top choice for Patagonia tours.
Tierra del Fuego Culture
Prior to European settlement, a number of indigenous cultures thrived in the most southern reaches of Patagonia. This article describes a few of those hearty groups.
Tierra del Fuego- The Southernmost Point in the World
Discover the history of the land and indigenous people of Tierra del Fuego. Learn about the geography of the region, sites to visit and activities during your trip.
Tips on Capturing Your Travels
Get some helpful advice and tips on how to best capture your travels - wildlife, landscape, people and more -- on film.
Unforgettable Patagonia
This article tells about the history of Patagonia and the effects with Indigenous and European settlement. Also look at the North and South regions and their geography.
What Is A Glacier?
This article defines what a glacier is and the different types of glaciers. Take a look at some common glacier terms that are helpful before your Patagonia tour.
Whitewater Rafting
A relatively recent addition to the list of things-to-do in Chile, where whitewater rafting trips have made their name.