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An Arctic fox gazes across the lanscape
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Kayak quiet waters as you sail to remote coves
Walking through vast arctic landscapes.
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A mother polar bear and her young relax on the Arctic landscape
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Fishing village in the arctic


A Cultural Look into Svalbard Travel
Svalbard, although quite remote and sparsely populated, has a thriving local culture, offering its visitors local art and history, as well as interesting research facilities and museums.
Arctic Cruise Journal - Betty Wittels
Read the first-hand account of traveler, Betty Wittels, and her experiences in the Arctic. Betty traveled to the Arctic onboard the research ship, Professor Molchanov.
Arctic Cruise: When to Go?
Though the austere Arctic landscape is often imagined to be a cold white wasteland, the brief months of summer see the flora blossoming and the fauna emerging from their long winter dormancy. Find out the best time to visit the Arctic.
Arctic Cruises to Spitsbergen Island!
Explore the celebrated shores of Spitsbergen, the largest islands of the Arctic Svalbard archipelago. Natural beauty, local culture and wildlife-wonders await on this Arctic adventure!
Comparing the Two Polar Regions: Antarctica and Arctic Cruising
Comparing the Arctic and Antarctic environments, geographical properties, climates, wildlife, and amenities produces some rather profound realizations about expectations and real-world discovery.